the group expertise

CDL Omni-Pac designs, produces and sells packaging and single-use hygiene solutions for the poultry, food and medical industries. Its 2 production sites, located in the heart of Europe, are constantly evolving in terms of technology to ensure optimal competitiveness quality and security.

We provide our customers with state-of-the-art proprietary technology and a team of 500 employees who strive for operational excellence at all times:                        

  • Almost 100,000 tonnes of used paper and cardboard recycled by our pulpers as each year, with minimal closed-circuit water consumption
  • About 2 billion units produced 24/7 on highly efficient production lines
  • Service reliability above 98% across more than 15,000 deliveries each year

Our expertise is also based on your input during the research phase for solutions that meet your requirements, both in terms of product design and personalisation.