our business manufacturing process

a manufacturing process that is fully mastered

CDL Omni-Pac acts as a recycler of reclaimed paper and cardboard, with the production of moulded fibre solutions that form part of a cycle for the preservation of natural resources.

From the collection of raw materials to customer delivery, each stage is fully mastered, with machines that have been exclusively designed by CDL Omni-Pac and a culture of operational excellence motivated by performance and customer satisfaction.

an 11-stage manufacturing process (for solutions made from recycled paper)


1. Waste recovery

To produce its packaging, CDL Omni-Pac procures recyclable paper and cardboard by collecting it from users.
In total CDL Omni-Pac recycles almost 100,000 tonnes of used paper each year and further sorts and recycles 1,500 tonnes annually of other waste.

2. Pulp preparation

This phase corresponds with preparing the material. Reclaimed recycled materials are mixed in a blender (pulper) with a large amount of water until a fibrous pulp is obtained.
As part of our energy-saving and environmentally-friendly approach, CDL has perfected a closed circuit, low water consumption system.

3. Filtration

Filtration systems allow us to remove staples, shards of glass, plastic etc... and to ensure that they go into the appropriate recycling circuit.

4. Moulding

This is an essential stage in the production of moulded fibre packaging. The fibrous pulp is that shaped using a suction and pressure process during which the fibre will adhere to a screen to create a damp moist fibre web. The design and production of the moulds is carried out internally at CDL Omni-Pac to ensure our customers benefit from rapidity, reactivity and competitiveness.

5. Drying

The three dimensional and still wet product is then dried to become solid and suitable for use. CDL Omni-Pac guarantees high-performance production with flexible proprietary technology and a capacity of more than 2 billion units per year.

6. Personalisation

The CDL Omni-Pac graphics and marketing department offers label-based or printed personalisation of your products on request.

7. Packing and palletization

To reduce the risk of error and to stay competitive, the CDL Omni-Pac packing lines are automated (each parcel is weighed and traces using barcodes and robots), with palletization, all overseen by our experienced teams.

8. Transport et logistics

The CDL Omni-Pac shipping department is reliable and reactive, with a rate of service of over 99%. In total, more than 12 million parcels are delivered each year in more than 42 countries across the world.

9. User

Users become involved without any effort on their part in the preservation of the planet by benefiting from eco-responsible packaging (natural, recyclable, compostable).

10. Recyclable waste

Users recycle in compliance with local guidelines.

11. Collection

Waste is collected and consolidated on a local or national level.