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medical range CARE and hygiene

Improving the comfort of patients and healthcare personal

Our medical products are designed to assist healthcare workers in providing treatment and care to patients. Our hygiene solutions also help patients to maintain their privacy and independence by allowing them to take care of their own hygiene needs.

Moulded fibre for single use

By combining moulded fibre with a specific coating, we can create waterproof containers for medical use. These containers, along with any fluids or hygiene products, can be placed in a macerator after use, where they biodegrade and are disposed of in the wastewater. This allows care staff to focus on more essential tasks.

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Solutions: Bedpans, Slipper pan, Male urinal

  • Ergonomic shape: 4 references adapted to patients with reduced mobility or who are dependent
  • Water-tight for 4 hours  
  • Wide rim: easier to hold


Solutions: Caretainer

  • Flat recipients for holding instruments
  • Various shapes: 7 references


Solutions: Carebowl

  • Versatile design: 3 hygiene and care references
  • Wide rim: easier to hold
  • Water-tight for 4 hours

If you would like to find out more about our solutions, we are available to advise you on the best alternative. Contact us!