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our business norms & certifications

The Omni-Pac Group depends on highly qualified staff who are responsible and regularly trained in current regulatory requirements, to guarantee solutions that reflect the needs of users and the requirements of the markets.

Iso 9001: 2015, an additional guarantee for customer satisfaction

Omni-Pac Group fulfils this norm which sets out the requirements of quality management systems, with a strong customer focus. It guarantees the motivation for continual improvement to help ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services.

CDL certificate - Omni-Pac certificate - MFP certificate

BRCGS®, for food security

BRCGS® ensures the safety of the global food supply chain. It indicates the ability of a company, such as Omni-Pac Group, to identify and control food safety hazards to guarantee that a product is 100 % safe and reliable.

CDL certificate - Omni-Pac certificate - MFP certificate

FSC®, for the sustainable management of forest

As a key player in waste paper recycling and, by extension, the preservation of the environment, Omni-Pac Group relates to the 2030 Agenda launched by the UN in 2015. More than 190 member states have adopted a sustainable development agenda that consists of 17 objectives to address global environmental, social and economic issues. With this in mind, Omni-Pac Group whose business is based on designing, manufacturing and selling moulded cellulose packaging material and hygiene solutions, supports the ambition to consume and produce better in order to limit the environmental impact. Its customer satisfaction approach led it to obtain the FSC® certificate thanks to its paper recycling action plan.

                        CDL certificate - Omni-Pac certificate

Faced with a regulatory framework that is constantly evolving and the need for access to reliable sources for the production of packaging that is in contact with food, Omni-Pac Group is a member of the MCAS club (Matériaux pour Contact Alimentaire Santé - Materials for Food Contact Health). For more detailed information on the club’s missions: