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poultry range aesthetic and attractive ecology

An eco-responsible distribution chain

Omni-Pac Group has a poultry sector offer suited to each stage of the distribution chain to further develop the industry’s eco-responsible activities: from egg collection to consumption. Our ranges are intended for S, M, L and XL eggs, in a 6-egg to 30-egg format.

Valorisation of the egg and the brand to suit every requirement

In order to represent the very best of your brand, we have a range of designs for you to choose from, from basic to premium. Depending on your positioning, you can also request pulp colouring and label-based or printed personalised communication. Direct printing is the most ecological solution. The Omni-Pac Group graphics team is available to help develop and optimise your image to attract customers and provide them with information.

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A complete transport offer is available for professionals and included trays and covers with the logistical features needed to fulfil the requirements of road and maritime transport. In order to ensure optimal protection of the egg, trays can be stacked or used with a lid.

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Solutions commercialisation To fulfil your communication and visibility requirements, we offer a range of sales solutions in different formats and with personalised communication. Make your identity stand out!

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Solutions: Family Pack

  • 9 Family Packs from 6 to 30 eggs
  • Calibres S to XL
  • Choice of colours



Solutions: Egg cartons TopCom, TopView, Upac

  • 4 cartons, calibres S to XL, from 6 to 10 egs
  • Closed or perforated lid
  • Personalised communication: top label and base colour



Solutions: Egg cartons Compac, Swingpac

  • 7 cartons, calibres S to XL, from 6 to 12 eggs
  • Modern aethetic: better visibility
  • Personalised communication: valorisation of the egg and the brand thanks to carefully considered communication                                       

If you would like to find out more about our solutions, we are available to advise you on the best alternative for promoting your products. Contact us!